API Reference

This section of documentation contains information on all of the classes and functions in the stix2 API, as given by the package’s docstrings.


All the classes and functions detailed in the pages below are importable directly from stix2. See also: How imports work.

Python APIs for STIX 2.

confidence Functions to operate with STIX2 Confidence scales.
datastore Python STIX2 DataStore API.
environment Python STIX2 Environment API.
exceptions STIX2 Error Classes.
markings Functions for working with STIX 2 Data Markings.
patterns Classes to aid in working with the STIX 2 patterning language.
properties Classes for representing properties of STIX Objects and Cyber Observables.
utils Utility functions and classes for the STIX2 library.
v20 STIX 2.0 API Objects.
v21 STIX 2.1 API Objects.
workbench Functions and class wrappers for interacting with STIX2 data at a high level.