STIX2 Error Classes.

exception AtLeastOnePropertyError(cls, properties)

Violating a constraint of a STIX object type that at least one of the given properties must be populated.

exception CustomContentError(msg)

Custom STIX Content (SDO, Observable, Extension, etc.) detected.

exception DependentPropertiesError(cls, dependencies)

Violating interproperty dependency constraint of a STIX object type.

exception DictionaryKeyError(key, reason)

Dictionary key does not conform to the correct format.

exception ExtraPropertiesError(cls, properties)

One or more extra properties were provided when constructing STIX object.

exception ImmutableError(cls, key)

Attempted to modify an object after creation.

exception InvalidObjRefError(cls, prop_name, reason)

A STIX Cyber Observable Object contains an invalid object reference.

exception InvalidSelectorError(cls, key)

Granular Marking selector violation. The selector must resolve into an existing STIX object property.

exception InvalidValueError(cls, prop_name, reason)

An invalid value was provided to a STIX object’s __init__.

exception MarkingNotFoundError(cls, key)

Marking violation. The marking reference must be present in SDO or SRO.

exception MissingPropertiesError(cls, properties)

Missing one or more required properties when constructing STIX object.

exception MutuallyExclusivePropertiesError(cls, properties)

Violating interproperty mutually exclusive constraint of a STIX object type.

exception ParseError(msg)

Could not parse object.

exception RevokeError(called_by)

Attempted to an operation on a revoked object.

exception STIXError

Base class for errors generated in the stix2 library.

exception UnmodifiablePropertyError(unchangable_properties)

Attempted to modify an unmodifiable property of object when creating a new version.